Board of Education

Board of Education

President: Diane Lein

Vice President: Brad Perrone


  • Kevin Bayne
  • Michelle Faychak
  • Victoria Little
  • Scott Nodes
  • Beth Rooney
  • Christy Tighe
  • Denise Valle

Board of Education Committees

Curriculum and Community Relations
Chair – Diane Lein; Members – Michelle Faychak, Beth Rooney, Denise Valle; Administrative Liaison – Maria Eppolite, Superintendent

Finance, Operations and Shared Services
Chair – Brad Perrone; Members – Kevin Bayne, Vicky Little, Scott Nodes; Administrative Liaison – Tim Mantz, Business Administrator

Policy and Personnel
Chair – Beth Rooney; Members – Michelle Faychak, Scott Nodes, Christy Tighe; Administrative Liaison – Maria Eppolite, Superintendent

Chair – Vicky Little; Members – Brad Perrone, Christy Tighe, Denise Valle; Administrative Liaison – Maria Eppolite, Superintendent


Meeting Minutes

Board Bits

Regularly Scheduled Meetings* through December 2015

May 27, 2015,  June 24, 2015,  July 22, 2015,  September 30, 2015,  October 21, 2015   November 18, 2015,  December 16, 2015

*All meetings will be held at 7:30 P.M. in the Media Center at the Greenwich School, 101 Wyndham Farm Boulevard, Stewartsville, NJ.  The public is invited to attend.