Student Registration

Welcome to the Greenwich Township School District.

Students are eligible to attend Greenwich School and the Stewartsville Middle School if they reside in Greenwich Township. Pre-registration for ALL students must be completed through Genesis online. Please click here to pre-register your child/ren. Per BOE Policy 5512, a student is eligible for entrance into kindergarten in September if he or she attains the age of five years on or before October 1 of that year.

Entering kindergarten students undergo a screening assessment designed to provide teachers with an indication of the developmental level of each child. The screening lasts about one hour and will take place in May. All registered kindergarten students will be scheduled for screening and parents will receive written confirmation in March.

Parents of eligible students MUST furnish ALL of the following at their child’s kindergarten screening or upon completion of the registration process with Lori Heft, Registrar, at the Greenwich School, 101 Wyndham Farm Boulevard, Stewartsville, NJ 08886, phone 908-859-2022 x1206.

                  1. Genesis Open Registration print out;

                  2. An original birth certification with raised seal (will be copied and returned);

                  3. Report of Physical Exam completed by the child’s physician (examination must be conducted with 1 year before the start of school);

                  4. Vaccination Record completed by the child’s physician;

                  5. Tuberculin-Testing-Report if applicable (see form); and

                 6. Proofs of residency – two from Column A and two from Column B (will be copied and returned)

Column A (2 required)Column B (2 required)
Property Tax BillDriver's License
Contract of SaleCourt Order
MortgageUtility Bill
DeedCancelled Check